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Blackjack in Reno

For those who hit the tables in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, playing blackjack in Reno is a little bit different. Here players will find mostly single-deck blackjack - meaning that the casino is using only one deck of cards, as opposed to five or six like they do in the bigger Vegas casinos. This means you can find out more from watching the cards, and that there will be lots and lots of shuffles.

Etiquette. When playing blackjack in Reno, there is a way that one must play in order to adhere to the casino's rules. In Atlantic City or Vegas, players are not usually allowed to touch the cards, and use only hand signals to ask for a hit, or indicate that they will stay. In Reno, two cards will be dealt to each player, face down. The player is then expected to pick up the cards (as privately as possible so as not to show others their hand) to view them. If a player is satisfied with their cards, they are to place them face down on the table, but should slide them halfway under their bet. If a player would like to hit, they should keep the cards vertical, facing the player, in their hands. The player then sweeps the bottom of the cards on the table to signal the dealer for a hit. The player should sweep each time he would like a hit. When the player is satisfied with their hand, they slide the cards under their bet. If you bust (go over 21) you can throw the cards down face up and the dealer will dispose of them.

The good thing about playing blackjack in Reno is that they have very low table minimums, which can range from $3 to $10 a hand. Certain Reno casinos will also offer $1 blackjack on certain days. Larger casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City will have much higher minimums, anywhere from $5 to $25 a hand.

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