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Our Son

He was only 26-years-old, and not married. He lived at home with us. Most of the time he went with us on our trips, but he had just gotten a new job and a new motorcycle, so he wanted to stay home. When we got to the room and checked in on August 14, 2003, we got the call. We had to get a plane back home. It was the morning before we could get one, so we stayed all night in the airport. When we got back to Lexington, KY, our son was in a coma. He stayed like this for five days, and he passed away on August 20, 2003. He was our only son and a great son.

Thank you RCI for all the great vacations we had with him. We have been in the RCI program for 15 years and we took him and his sister many places and had a great time.

Anita Roy

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