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Shopping in Phillipsburg

Guavaberry Photo, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Caribbean

You can get some very good deals, especially on higher end electronics, jewelry and watches.

We met a man from India, named Vicky, who works in Majesty Jewelers. It was Sunday and it was his only day off. He was sitting on the pier, just enjoying the ocean breeze, when we happened to stroll by. He asked where we were from, talked about his country and ours, his family business, etc. Just a very pleasant person. As we were leaving, we asked him where he worked, that is how we found him later. We found that although St. Martin is called "the Friendly Island", we found it more like "Try to find someone who even calls this home" island. Most people on the Dutch side are from somewhere else, and working there to make a living. My apologies if this is off base. Anyway, we found Vicky later and we bought a beautiful Tanzanite ring from him. We thought we had made a great deal, too.

A note about making a deal in the jewelry stores. If they just won't come down that last little bit, find out when they open in the morning. If you are their first customer of the day, they want to make the sale because it is good luck for the rest of the day.

You can buy t-shirts at four for $10 (some places advertise eight for $10 but we couldn't find eight that we wanted) and up. Sarongs were four for $10, towels were four for $10. We bought a few sarongs, a couple beach bags, and other treasures. Prices were really very low!

The girls finished off one of their days by having their hair braided. If you want this done, remember that what you pay is what you will get. If you talk them down to $20US they will only do a $20 job. The girls managed to talk them down to $30 each, but mom arranged to give a good tip out of her pocket. Thus, we paid $45 for each girl. I understand that is an average, good deal price. They will start by telling you that it is $1 per braid. Just remember that both of my daughters had over 70 braids! They come with three beads on each as well!

Note - Every store, street corner, and nook and cranny has cold beer for sale. Drinking time is all day long, and you are welcome to drink as you shop.

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