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Other things Photo, Mazatlan, Mexico

--Get your hair braided. One of the vendors on the beach will want to braid your hair. You can have just part done, or your whole head. Beads are negotiable. The cost is $10-40 US. You get what you pay for, but bargains can be made.

--Parasailing. We didn''t get up enough nerve to try getting pulled behind a boat with a parachute attached to us. A lot of other people said it was great. We saw people doing this all day long. Just ask at the shop on the beach, just north of "The Inn". They also rent all sorts of water sports equipment there.

--Go to the city market. They sell everything you could want, like fruits, vegetables, canned goods, meat. It''s a little lax on refrigeration though. Taking a taxi to get to the city market is the best way to get there. There are buses that go there regularly and they would be an "experience." They are inexpensive. Asking at the front desk would help you catch the right one.

--While in the city, check out some of the cathedrals. There are some very fine, older ones found there.

--Get a beach volleyball game going. Ask the activities coordinator and he''ll get you the ball and net. A great way to meet people!

--Go across the road to the pizza place and order a Hawaiian pizza. Instead of the ham and pineapple that we were used to, it came back as bananas and cherries!

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