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E & S Sales Discount Store Photo, Shipshewana, Indiana

An Amish grocery located on Indiana Route 5 just south of the village of Shipshewana, Indiana. The first thing you will notice when you pull into the parking lot is the hitch rails, and probably some buggies. This IS a store that caters to the Amish, and they do not use autos.

It is set up as a small supermarket, where you push a cart up and down the aisles, rather than being set up similar to the old general store. Notice the lighting in the store - the Amish do not use electricity, so the lighting is by gas. The coolers in the store are also powered by bottle gas. Much of the stock in this store is in large quantities or the proprietors have prepackaged quantities from bulk stock. They also have some dry goods (cards, paper, toys, etc) available in this store. The prices of items in this store are very reasonable, especially for baking supplies and spices.

Immediately to the south of the store is a wood-working shop, with a lot of sample gazebos, storage sheds, playhouses, benches, porch swings, etc, sitting in front. Just beyond the wood shop is a hardware store that also has a large collection of souviners & gifts.

Behind and to the north of the grocery is an outlet store, which has even better prices than the three shops out near the road. Update, June 2003 - the outlet store is closed and the building is now being used for offices.

I do recommend that you stop by this business.

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