Sedona Stories and Tips


As the sun rises over the beautiful red rocks in Sedona, one realizes that this is truly a special place.

Each day is better than the last. Blue skies in the day and an indescribable sunset, followed by billions of stars in the crystal sky.

Restaurants unsurpassed by any we have ever been to. Living in Rhode Island, with many gourmet five-star restaurants and only a short drive from Boston with more fantastic restaurants, we were pleasantly surprised by the cuisine in Sedona. Not only for a delicious, romantic, meal at L'Auberge, but also to a quick meal at the quick diner in town.

A day trip to the Grand Canyon proved to be one of the most beautiful experiences we have ever experienced. As we rounded the area to the Canyon, its massive expanse and beauty took our breath away. Only by experiencing this area can someone appreciate it.

Another day spent in Prescot proved to be very interesting--a real western town which should not be missed.

Our day trip to Jerome was another spectacular day. A former ghost town, now with streets lined with small shops and friendly people.

The Pink Jeep tour up Broken Arrow in Sedona proved to be all that it was promised. Exciting, beautiful, and a truly memorable time.

One day of R & R at the resort (Sedona Springs) to relax and unwind and then in the evening we all packed for our trip home.

We were all truly sad to see our week end, however we do know that we will all return again in the near future!!

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