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Did you hear about the bear in the Cigar Store?

Take a leisurely 2-hour drive from Vancouver to Whistler and enjoy the picturesque scenery as you travel northwards from the city. You will probably go cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge over the Burrard Inlet. Keep a lookout along the route, far out in the distance you will see parts of many islands and the high peaks of local mountains. Much of the trip upwards is along a narrow, winding highway heavily surrounded by tall trees and high rock walls which makes viewing the lakes below a little difficult except where there is a break in the trees, so be alert for those Kodak moments.

Stop at the local Tim Hortons in Squamish for a short break, but take the time to look all around you.

Whistler is a city with so much to offer to people of all ages. Relax and enjoy all of the outdoor activities, from mountain biking, walking tours and gondola rides up Blackcomb Mountain. Rest up and enjoy the view at the top of the mountain at the Roundhouse Lodge. For the less adventurous, there are many spas, lots of shopping, galleries and plenty of places to eat of all ethnicities.

Bears do come into the village often to eat the local berries and try to open those garbage containers, which even I found a little difficult to open. They have become less afraid of people, but it is dangerous and unfortunately sometimes there is not a happy ending.

One of my favourite places to eat was the Mongolie Grill (stir-fry), near the local movie theatre. You can pick and choose all of the different varieties of meats, vegetables and noodles, etc. and watch the chef mix it all up on the grill right before your eyes. Add your own spices and sauces to taste. Also excellent are Araxi (Fine Dining), Caramba (Mediterranean/pizza) and Sachi Sushi at the Summit Lodge (Japanese food). If you are looking for fast food, there is also McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s Pizza and lots more.

Quick snacks and other prepared foods and grocery needs can be found in the IGA and Marketplace Grocery Store.

One of the nearest shorter walks is around the Lost Lake Loop. Nearby are also many smaller lakes, Green Lake for example, where the water really looks green, but you will need a vehicle to take advantage of the many other sites, including Creekside.

As they say, be careful where you walk and be mindful of the local bears. View them from afar and don’t get in between a mother bear and her cub.

Perimeter’s Whistler Express has an extensive schedule and can get you to and from Vancouver Airport for a reasonable fare. Approximately $70.00 Cdn. door-to-door condo one-way fare.

Local bus transportation is easily accessible and was free of charge around the Village and up into the Benchlands.

Whistler has year-round activities so travel anytime. Lots of great accommodations and full dental/medical/booking services are available. Visit the Adventure Centres to obtain free information, coupons and make arrangements for all of your activities.

Many people come from all over the world to visit and lots of people who came to work for only a short period of time found they loved it so much in Whistler, they haven’t left or stayed for many years. If you get the chance to speak to them, there are lots of stories to be told. Did you hear about that bear in the Cigar Store…?

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