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Husker Game Day

Go Big Red Photo, Lincoln, Nebraska

On the holy day of the Sabbath, otherwise known as Game Day, life in Lincoln stands still as people focus their attention on the Cornhuskers. You’ve never seen so much red in your life. After attending games as a student for four years, I returned as an alum last fall and discovered not much has changed.

The wooden benches for seats still hurt your bottom, they always run out of hot chocolate by fourth quarter, and the lines for the women’s restrooms are agonizing, but I still get chills when they play "Sirus" as players walk through the tunnel to the field (they stole this from the Bulls, but it’s still cool). I still enjoy singing "There Is No Place Like Nebraska" and "Hail to the Team" after touchdowns and I still know all the words. Last, but not least, there is no better treat than eating a hot Runza. Oh, yeah, the games are good too. Go Big Red!

Make it a point to walk through the tunnels in the south stadium and get a high five from one of the players after the game. Bricks with the names of Husker supporters line the path to the locker rooms and we always make a visit the brick we bought for our grandmother, a huge Husker fan. If the volleyball team has a home match on game day, just walk to the colliseum next door to the stadium. Sometimes fans with football tickets get in for free. The two-time national championship volleyball team is spectacular and if it’s a Big Twelve match, you’ll be treated to some exciting volleyball.

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