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Sightseeing by Scooter

scooter views Photo, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

We had only walked two blocks down Lake Street after we got off the ferry in Oak Bluffs when we saw a woman waving at us and standing next to a red scooter. "Wanna see the vineyard?" My husband immediately dropped 15 years of maturity and said "Absolutely!" For only $80 for two scooters, my husband and I were able to travel the island in style.

First we had to sign our lives away with the rental company and it's required you wear shoes that completely cover your feet. No sandals. They made me rent a pair of aqua socks. Next, you are given a short lesson on how to start, drive, and stop the scooter. Next you have to drive it around the block to prove you were paying attention. Two rules: you can't ride scooters on bike paths and you can't go over 25mph (you will get a ticket if caught). If all that goes well, you are free to leave. One tank is more than enough to cover the island, but you must return the scooter by 6pm, when the shop closes. Martha's Vineyard Sightseeing also rents jeeps, but why would you want to do that?

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