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Wild life

One of the most interesting parts of any great camping trip is the encounters you'll have with wild animals. While at Mauch Chunk Lake park, the largest skunk I had ever seen wanted to join us for dinner. When such a creature wants to make friends with you like this, do not throw anything at him - if you make him mad, he'll make you smelly. If you throw food, he'll come back for more. My advice, leave him alone and wait till he gets bored!

Although one of my fellow travelers was terrified of bears the whole trip, we did not see any at all. At one point, this signifcant other of mine (and first time camper) woke up in the middle of the night to a sound of something moving along the tent wall. After many minutes of anxious fear, he realized that his foot was up against the wall making the noise. It will be a while before he lives that one down!

Just don't forget when you run into these animals, that you are in their home and you must give them their due respect!

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