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Marigalante Pirate Ship

The ship is a replica of Christopher Columbus's ship. You are brought down in the galley of the ship for breakfast, which was kind of scary because there are very steep, narrow steps that go straight down. I was a little nervous for myself, but I was really nervous for my parents, who are in their 70s. You are served a buffet of juice, coffee, eggs, sausages, and rolls. It was okay, but if you drink alcohol, this was the best party boat! The waiters are dressed like pirates and they are constantly refilling your glasses. They pull all the women on deck to help bring up the sails, and they are constantly dancing and having contests. It is loads of fun.

After 2 hours, it is time to go ashore, but you have to take a launch to shore. Again, this was a little scary for me, but my stepfather had a very hard time with this, so I might think twice about bringing a senior citizen along. Even with Dramamine, he got seasick on the boat. I didn't get sick and neither did my mother or husband. Once ashore, you can snorkel, ride a banana boat, play volleyball, and, of course, drink! This is all included in the price. You stay on the beach for about 2 hours.

Then you have to get back onto the launch and return to the ship. You can go below deck for lunch. My mother and I went, but my husband and stepfather elected not to go. They were both afraid of getting sick. This was a lot of fun, but the bathroom is very sad. The ship is rocking back and forth and there is no toilet seat, so this is not an easy feat. So you think you will wait until you can go to a restaurant on the beach? No, there is nothing on this beach, so you have no choice but to go on the ship. I would have relaxed and had more to drink if the facility was better. That is the only negative thing I can say about this activity. I recommend this excursion. I think this cost US$65.

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