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Transportation, the only way to go

After getting lost with the buses, and having our purses slit on the subway, we took our chances with an independent taxi driver named Marco. Ever willing and waiting, Marco took us to each destination for $5 a piece and then waited to take us to the next one. At the end of the day he dropped us off at the Hotel and where we arranged to meet him again. Marco charged $5 a piece on each trip, but if there were more than two people the fee remained $10. He liked American money and although his English was choppy he gave as much history as possible. Marco was so excited for our business that he offered to make us lunch, kissed my mom's hand and put us up at his house. Naturally this gave plenty of opportunities to tease my Mom about her Italian lover.

Hiring a chauffer for $20 a day was a life saver and let us actually enjoy Rome. It also saved us untold amounts of money from Italy’s infamous pick-pockets. They are absolutely fearless, and will slash your purse, while you are glaring at them with your arms firmly around it. Little did they know that I had all the important papers wrapped up in a wallet beneath layers of clothing. Houdini couldn’t get to my money, and I highly recommend keeping valuables out of the usual, and accessible places.

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