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Mexico City Day Three -- Christmas Day + my birthday

Mexico City Day Three Photo, Mexico City, Mexico

For Christmas breakfast, we were surprised to find Cafe El Popular open. We had tamales and huevos rancheros. Eggs sunnyside up went well with rice though I passed on the beans. Mexico's cafe con crema is more like milk with a little coffee; just the way I like it. Cafe Americano is simply brewed coffee, straight up and black.

Most of the city was still closed. So we walked to different places to check the whole scene out. The city was definitely more palatable with less people around. We started off at the Santo Domingo, a church that, in its better days, had housed a monastery. Though somewhat run down, services were still held there. Plaza Girabaldi where mariachi bands normally gather to serenade passersby stood empty and quiet.

We took the Metro to Chatupultepec and walked all over Condesa, the restaurant district. Here we were definitely in a different scene. BMWs cruised by Michoacan Avenue as we and our well-heeled Mexican neighbors sipped iced cappucinos and nibbled on croissants.

We napped until 7:30pm. We were lucky to find Portales de Tlaquepaque open for dinner. Their camarones soup tasted like the Filipino shrimp sinigang and their bistek was excellent. I love how we are rewarded with the best food after so much effort.

We check out tomorrow at 11am even though our bus to Oaxaca isn't until 11:30pm. The hostel has a storage room where we can keep our stuff while we spend the whole day out and the TV room has its own bathroom where we can get ready before our long bus ride.


Cafe El Popular
On Cinco de Mayo. I was too shy to ask why the place was decorated with Chinese dragons and paintings.

Santo Domingo
On Rep. de Brasil and Dominguez

Portales de Tlaquepaque
On Rep. de Uruguay and Bolivar

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