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Oaxaca Day Three -- Loving Mazunte and its Food

Oaxaca Day Three Photo, Oaxaca, Mexico

There are plenty of family-run restaurants along the beach and off the main road in Mazunte. They offer Mexican dishes, American meals, and Italian. You should only stick with the Mexican food and the American breakfasts. Spaghetti, hot dogs, and hamburgers are all equally awful. I don't even know why you'd want to eat non-Mexican food while in Mexico! Some of the best meals we've had were huevos con arroz (eggs with rice), pulpo con arroz (octopus with rice), fish Veracruz style with squished tomatoes and onions, and anything con bistek, beef steak. I missed rice so much, I would order fried eggs for breakfast and for lunch just to get some.

Vendors also walk up and down the beach selling tacos with pescado and puerco, fish and pork, for modest prices. So reasonable in fact that we ate at least five times and drank three to five bottles of beer a day.

Dona Porfiria shares her space with a couple of young Mexicans who run Coco and Gin, the beachside bar that serves fresh coconut juice with, yes, Ginebra Gin. They even have two swimming Labradors named after their bar. You can bring beer bottles closer to the water on your beach blanket as long as you promise to return them and help keep the beach clean.

As far as drugs are concerned, we heard that there were plenty in Zipolite. But we were also warned by the locals that if you get caught, the police will confiscate everything you've got, including cigarettes, to punish you. If you give them a hard time, they'll throw you in jail. Mazunte was beautiful enough that playing with drugs just wasn't worth all that trouble.

A memorable dinner was at Restaurant Savoy where they grilled some steaks to match the Cabernet we brought with us. The mosquitoes feasted on our legs even with DEET, but at least for an hour, we got used to them.

Dona Porfiria rents hammocks on the roof of our cabana, a good place to catch up on your reading and take an afternoon nap. Other than our trip to Pochutla to exchange more money and to buy fresh watermelons from a husband and wife team set up in the back of their pickup truck, all we did was eat, swim, sunbathe, sleep, and eat some more.


Coco and Gin
Corona and Sol are the two brands of cervezas that you will be able to order all over Oaxaca. A bottle is P10 each. Coconuts are about P15 each, 20 with gin.

From Mazunte to Pochutla, the fare varies from P 7 to 10. The ride is about thirty minutes and it stops to pick up anyone who can fit inside and outside the truck. You press a buzzer to let the driver know he's approaching your stop and you pay him when you get off. Pochutla is the last stop from Zipolite.

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