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--> For the most part, the debauchery that is associated with this island was brought by MTV, and his cohorts, the greeks. It is without a doubt that after getting liquored up, girls looking for their small screen debut will stare down from the stage at a handheld video camera. Jostling their way to the front, the video cameras aim to get the best angle, and the most skin. Various establishments will draw a line as how disgusting the action can get, but some just don't seem to care. If you want to stay away from these parties, or consequently, seek them out, you should be aware that Risky Business, Margaritaville, and Kuyaba can all get a little risque, but Coral Seas is by far the most. --> Stay away from the Jungle which is the only indoor club, and plays the most techno-ish. There are very few chances for live reggae, but DeBuss offers weekly concerts. --> As a nightlife partaker in several large cities around the world, I would have to say that Negril's overall scene was fairly disappointing. If you're not into half-naked, gyrating, post-teens, nor a fan of various Top 40 hits, nor rum (as a result of my trip, even the smell of rum makes me sick), then a night by the bonfire, and some Red Stripe will be as exciting as it gets.

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