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And You Thought It Was Your Typical

--> As mentioned in the overview, the laid back attitude of Jamaica was my biggest difficulty. Writing a travel journal on Jamaica is extremely challenging because a lot of opportunities are based on chance. For example, the proprietors of a day trip service (snorkelling, diving, parasailing, trips in land) don't have a specified location in which they do business. Instead, they will approach you on the beach, and offer their services. Don't pay more than US$35 for snorkeling and cliff jumping trips, and US$10 for parasailing.

--> This is exactly how my friend and I booked our parasailing and snorkelling trip. It couldn't be more ideal: not having to move an inch to find out about activities. We took a chance and booked a snorkeling and cliff jumping trip with an older white hippie dude and his Jamaican assistant. As usual, there were promises of free flowing rum drinks, and Red Stripe, with lunch. Lola and I certainly weren't up for drinking at 10am. As we hopped on the boat, we realized that space was going to be extremely limited. To top it all off, the frat boys and frat girls had already staked their claim.

--> The reefs by Booby Cay were possibly the first reefs that I will consciously remember. Having snorkelled recreationally in Thailand and Hawai'i, I never fully appreciated what exactly I was looking at until now. The various schools of fish, and the amazing plant forms were all overwhelming. Not very deep, but just deep enough to be out of reach, the reefs were a popular spot as there were several other boats bobbing around.

--> Heading over to the West End, to Rick's Cafe, more Red Stripe was downed, and the Greeks were picking up volume. Anchoring in the tiny bay, we swam up to the cliffs, and through a cave opening, we climbed up to the top of a 40 foot cliff. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only timid one around. From 40 feet up, the water was glistening and inviting, but the thought of stepping off the cliff into nothing was just a little intimidating. But I did it!! And I'm still in one piece!!

--> It was in true Jamaican fashion that for a picnic lunch, we had jerk chicken and rice. It was perhaps the best jerk chicken during our entire trip, but that may be because we played so hard during the morning! There was no better feeling than having a full tummy, being a little bit tired, turning my face towards the sun, letting the wind blow through my hair and having another Red Stripe in hand.

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