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Children's Beach at La Jolla

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

We chose to visit the children’s beach because we heard that one can see sea lions lounging on the rocks. Parking was the largest difficulty, and we visited in October—we heard from locals that mostly it is impossible to find a parking spot. Despite the number of cars lining every single street within 6 blocks of the seaside, there were relatively few people admiring the sea lions on the beaches. All along the waterfront there is a park where one could spend some time and have a picnic. Right at the shore are steep cliffs with thousands of birds vying for a spot in the ever-present holes in the cliff walls. There are several outfitters who take tourists out in kayaks for an ocean view of steep cliffs, however the water was pretty choppy and it looked pretty chilly to be out there paddling. The sea lions are not all that entertaining, mostly just lying there snoozing, but every once in a while one or more would swim about and give the audience on the cliffs above an opportunity to try to get them on film for posterity.

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