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The Fens Photo, Cambridge, England

Colleges are not the only thing there is to Cambridge. Besides academic institutions, there are other places of interest in Cambridge too, and they’re scattered across the town. Among the must-sees are the Round Church (a circular stone church dating back to 1130 and modeled on the Sepulchre in Jerusalem), Parker’s Piece (a flat green `common’ renowned for the fact that this was where the rules of soccer were first worked out), and Hobson’s Conduit , a small tower-like structure that's a monument to the man who arranged to get fresh water to the town. Hobson, incidentally, kept horses for hire and insisted that customers take the horse closest to the door, whether they liked it or not. If you didn’t agree with that, Hobson’s stock reply was, "It’s either my choice, or no choice", and that’s where the term `Hobson’s choice" originated.

Within the town itself is the Cambridge University Press, which dates back to 1521 and is the oldest printing press in the UK. Further out of the town, in the fens, is the American War Cemetery , where 3,000 odd American soldiers killed in WWII are buried. The cemetery itself is very quiet--you stand at the entrance and look out across a vast expanse of green dotted with white crosses. It’s very reminiscent of France, or one of the other major battlefields, rather than a quiet country town in England.

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