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Killing an Hour in Ravenglass

Ravenglass Photo, Cumbria, England

Killing time after work and before bedtime and avoiding extended periods in the hotel bar when you're working away can be a challenge (must learn to read sometime). So I'm always happy to receive suggestions from friendly locals of where's nice to go to within a 30-minute drive. Ravenglass was one such suggestion.

I was staying in Calderbridge, which is on the A595, and Ravenglass is just 8 or 10 miles south of there along the same road. I didn't know what to expect, save for being told there was some sort of railway museum there or a miniature railway or something. I'm not a train person, so I was prepared to be non-plussed by it all. Still, it would be better than to start drinking at 6pm on a weekday.

After an easy 15-minute drive along the road, I pulled into Ravenglass village. It was on the coast, and you could see the Sellafield complex in the distance to the north. The tide was out leaving a mini estuary behind it just north of the village. My guess is that this area would be popular with bird-watchers - great wader territory.

As I drove up to the coastal edge of the village, I passed the railway item on my left (there's a website with some details at the foot of this journal). Then I parked up on the sea front and thought, "What a picture." The tide was out, as was the late summer sun, and this combination against the backdrop of the bay, with its dilapidated little boats, had me reaching for my camera right away.

After I'd taken my seaside "boaty" photos, I wandered into the village, which is in effect a single little chocolate-box street of well-kept terraced dwellings facing out onto each other. Some tenants were obviously engaged in a serious war of one-upmanship judging by the spectacular floral arrangements outside the front of some of their cottages.

There's a nice pub at the end of the street that overlooks the harbour. This was at the time getting well used by sensible people taking an early evening drink whilst enjoying the beautiful view over the bay. What more could a man ask for?

Here's an info website about the village. Castle Muncaster, by the way, is a 2-minute drive from Ravenglass. See its own journal. You'd be missing out if you didn't combine the two.

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