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A Quick Trip Through Medieval Gouda

A Cheese Shop Photo, Gouda, Netherlands

This was literally a walk through, as I had no time to take much in, so apologies if this skims the surface somewhat and lacks any real point, but I did go there and took some interesting photos.

At the time I took my photos, I reckoned I could find out what they were from looking on the web when I got home - wrong!!! There's actually not that much in the way of tourist information on Gouda, in English anyway. This website is one of the better ones I found. It’s clearly some local person's homemade effort, but with good humour inside. Maybe the general lack of good info means it may be a bit of an undiscovered gem? Who knows. There's a city guide type website here, but I couldn't open the photo gallery. Alas, it was my last hope of finding out what my photos were of,

Anyway, Gouda is a small town. It’s medieval in origin, so many of its streets are narrow, pedestrianised, and quaint. A highlight is the nice old Church of Saint John the Baptist. Re Carroll's journal describes the historical background to the church better than I could, so you may as well check the historical details in her journal.

Not surprisingly, cheese shops abound in the centre of town, as do all manner of café/bar restaurants. It’s clearly a nice stopover for tourists, but the locals did warn me that petty car crime here is a huge problem, so the usual precautions must be taken. Streets are safe enough, however. At its centre is a lovely old market square with its Stadhuis in the middle - over to Re Carroll again for the history of it. It’s lined with some nice shops, bars, and restaurants and looks a great place to watch the world go by.

Another thing I liked (see my photos) was a sort of canal boat, museum-type area. I can't for the life of me find out what it’s called, but the pictures were nice. It was just next to the facility where I was working, and one of their employees actually lived on one of the boats. No excuses for lateness then.

I'd recommend this place for a visit if you're in the area. It has a nice atmosphere to it and life feels as though it has just the right amount of pace to it. From what I saw as I bustled through it anyway... Work, who needs it? Oh, me actually. One day...

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