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Rio Hotel and Casino Float Parade

Rio Hotel and Casino Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'd heard about this fun overhead float parade, but couldn't imagine it, so decided to take it in on our last trip to Las Vegas.

The show takes place in the Rio Hotel and Casino Masquerade Village area. The Rio is located just off the strip, about 3/4 mile, on Tropicana Blvd. When you walk into the hotel from the parking area you are upstairs on the shop level. If you have children in your party you can observe the casino and gamblers below,as well as the float parade at the railings.

The Masquerade Village is like any other casino until the float parade begins. As you sit or stand at your slot machine, floats of boats, trees, and people riding on them exit a door above and move along a track overhead throughout the casino. Each float is lighted with hundreds of mini-lights and there are dancers and hotel guests aboard. This is set to high energy music. Also, on the casino floor stilt walkers, clowns on foot, and motor cars walk around in the casino posing for any pictures desired. As the floats move around/"float" they throw jewel toned strands of beads at the revelers below and also up on the shop level. The kids think it's great to be able to snag a strand or two.

A stage show of singers and dancers take the small tiered stage on one side of the casino and entertain the gamblers. It's all a lot of fun and a nice break from losing at the slot machines. Best of all, it's a free-bee for entertainment. The float parade takes place at regular intervals every one to two hours.

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