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Our trip to the great parks and coast of Oregon

On our vacation in Oregon we did the following.

One week in Redmond, Oregon at a nice condo - while in Redmond, we went to the top of Mt. Bachelor in a ski lift and had a great gourmet lunch at an Italian restaurant.

We took a train ride on the Crooked River. It was great - they had a horseback train robbery and a great pot roast dinner.

We drove up Mt Hood to the Timberline Lodge and had a wonderful lunch; they were still skiing and had about 10 feet of snow in some areas. The lodge was built by the WPA and the detail is really something considering that most of the workers that built the Lodge had no experience and had to be taught to trades. The view from the lodge is magnificent.

We then headed for Klamath Falls and went to Crater Lake for two days. On the first day we rode around the Rim and visited the Lodge for lunch. We were not disappointed - it was everything that we thought it could be.

On the second day at Crater Lake, we took the boat ride on the Lake. It is quite a hike to get to the boat - a 750-foot drop on a dirt trail. It was very steep, but we took our time and did fine. The boat ride is in an open boat that holds 48 people. We are glad that we did it. The Lake is about 1800 feet deep and the color changes between green/blue along the shore to a vivid blue and a purple/blue color in the real deep areas. All due to the light refraction in varying depths of water, the water is like a mirror.

We went on a brunch paddleboat cruise on Klamath Lake and saw some white pelicans that are in the area - they look like swans with a large orange bill. We went to Grant’s Pass and took the Hellgate Jet boat ride on the Rogue River. After that we headed to the coast up to Florence for two days. The coast is something like Maine. (We think that Maine is better.) We then went Otter Rock Resort for a week.

The resort is very nice, on the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. They are in salmon season now; we had our fill of grilled wild salmon.

We stayed one night in Portland, as we have an early flight home on Saturday.

We live in Falmouth, MA on the Cape, and hated to leave the Cape in the summer, but we wanted to see Oregon before we get too old to enjoy it.

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