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Summer Bay as an alternate

Summer Bay Photo, Kissimmee, Florida

On this exchange, we had a one-bedroom unit on the second floor with a partial sunny exposure on the deck.

The living room is large and has a sleep sofa, two large chairs, armoire with 27" TV, and VCR. The decor was in good condition and very tasteful. The unit could use some deep cleaning; we had small ants that seemed to get everywhere. I feel that the ants were around due to the floor being dirty. If you walked around in the unit in bare feet, the bottom of your feet would be black.

The bathroom is very small, and the only place for storage is in the sink cabinet. The tub is extremely high and difficult to get in and out of. The kitchen, however, is laid out nicely, with adequate counter space. The counter has a overhang that would have been useful if stools were supplied. Appliances were a full-size stove, microwave, and fridge.

A dining area with a table for four is located in the living room next to the kitchen area. The bedroom is very small and has a king-size bed with 27" TV armoire with two drawers and one end table with two drawers. Only one light was in the room, on the end table, and this is not good if your partner likes to read in bed. Storage is very limited.

The resort supplies three rolls of toilet paper, dish-cleaning detergent, towels for four, one roll of paper towels, one package of coffee, and no coffee filters. The resort does not replenish supplies; any additional supplies can be obtained at the nearby Publix market

The resort does not change towels or have a mid-week towel exchange or cleanup. It was a good thing the room has a washer and dryer (detergent is supplied for one load).

The inventory in the unit was missing a few items, so I called and let them know, and they advised me that they have a one-hour max to respond and assured me that the items would be brought over before the hour was up. Nothing happened, so I called again, and they told me about the one hour thing again. No one ever showed up all week with the missing items.

I received a call on the first day and was asked if I would like extra towels at no charge--I said okay, and then the conversation switched over to the timeshare sales pitch. I told them that I was not interested in a free breakfast and other perks that they offered. The towels never showed up; they must have been linked in with the sales pitch.

The landscaping and buildings are well-maintained.

A swimming pool is provided in the common area of each building cluster, there are plenty of lounges, and small towels are supplied at the activity center. I suggest bringing your own towels. A hot tub is also in the same fenced-in area with the heated pool, which is shallow, with a gradual walk-in area at one end leading to the children’s area, which has a water umbrella. Restrooms are at the pool area.

The main pool is located at the activity center next to the lake. A tiki bar with bar stools and tables with umbrellas is located at the pool area. The bar has happy hour everyday from 4 until 8pm. The only snacks available are potato chips, so bring your own.

At times, they have live entertainment at this pool area, and the music is entertaining. The resort is very good for families with children. A small, well-equipped fitness center is also on site. The resort has a small store that has snacks and gifts. This shop also has limited hot food, but it's not too good--similar to the quality you would get in a vending machine.

The resort tends to lead you into thinking that they have a restaurant on-site. The restaurant is a Denny’s, which is near the entrance to the site. The Publix store is next door and is great. Papa Johns Pizza is next to the Publix.

The lake on-site is a great place to view a sunset.

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