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Spray Painting Street Vendors

Spray painting Photo, Cancun, Mexico

While visiting the small shops in downtown Cancun, we ran across one of the street vendors that makes his living spray-painting pictures. When you first get there, you wonder how someone could possibly use spray paint to craft a picture. This is the most amazing thing to watch! You pick out a picture you like from an album and he goes to town. He sprays various colors on a piece of cardboard, takes a strip of newspaper and dabs the paint to mix it together, uses bowls and spray can lids to sit on the painting and spray around to get the effect of a planet, and uses many other techniques to make the most beautiful pictures. Throughout the painting, he'll spray a can and light it and wave the flame above the picture for the paint to take. In less than 10 minutes, you have a beautiful work of art to take home. Each picture ended up costing us approximately 80-90 pesos which was very much worth it.

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