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A Drive Around the Lake

Hairpin Curves ahead! Photo, Lake Tahoe, Nevada

I live on a lake in Connecticut that is 7 miles around. At least once a week I drive around it. So, of course, when we journeyed to Lake Tahoe, we knew that we would have to drive around it at least once just to say we did it. NOW, Lake Tahoe is about 10 times farther around--about 72 miles--and it is in the MOUNTAINS, so it is a totally different adventure. We started out going counterclockwise around the lake but soon realized that the driver would not see too much because he was trying to drive and the passenger was too far away to see much, so around Cave Rock we turned around and started travelling clockwise; all the views were much better this way! The first major area we came to was Zephyr Cove.

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