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The Casinos of Stateline, Nevada

Stateline Casinos in the shelter of Heavenly Valley Photo, Stateline, Nevada

There are six major casinos in the heart of Stateline. These are Harvey's, Harrah's, Caesar's, Horizon, Bill's, and the Lakeside Inn. There are rumored to be more, but we didn't find them. We visited all but Bill's. The funniest thing is that the doorways for Harrah's and Harvey's are right on the California line. You can just go from one state to another to gamble. Please know that we only play the slots, and on this trip we only played nickels and pennies. Nonetheless, we were able to spend many, many hours enjoying the various video-reel slots.

Our favorite casino to gamble in was Harvey's. This is because we both won here. We spent many hours on a new slot in the "Reel 'em in" series. We both won (and lost) quite a bit on this one! The most enjoyable experience was at the Lakeside Inn and Casino. They really seem to care about their guests and make many promotions available to those who have a player's card. BIG TIP: Get a player's card at all of the casinos that you gamble at! This makes you eligible for promotions and will pay you when you come back.

In short, gambling was part of the reason we came to Lake Tahoe. We consider it an entertaining way to spend part of our vacation. The casinos of Stateline afforded us many fun hours without totally losing our shirts!

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