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For a small area Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer for most of our trips especially, if we didn't know where we were going. We would take a taxi to the destination and then walk back. A taxi one way was $6 for thre people, but then I got adventurous and wanted to go to San Jose del Cabo, but I was not going to pay that taxi price, so I asked around. Wow! What a savings! I took the locals bus for $1.60 one way compared to about $50, so we did. I even did better than that.

The locals bus drops you off on top of this big hill, then we walked down about 12 blocks, stopping at all the stores on the way down. Hit some good buys when we got to the bottom. It was a very quaint center of town with lots of stores and lots of silver. It's where we bought our silver and good leather prices also, but after all that how do we get back up the hill? Hmmmm. I asked around, and this is the real good buy. They have a locals bus that takes you up the hill for 5 cents--oh yes, just 5 cents! So that was our adventure--try it, you'll like it!

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