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Lake Elsinore Outlet Stores

Literally out in the middle of nowhere are the Lake Elsinore Outlet Stores. They are located off I-15 at the Nichols Rd exit, north of the town of Lake Elsinore. Aside from the AM/PM Mini-Market right at the exit, there ain't nothing else around. And it's hot. Real hot. Desert hot. HOT.

The 100 or so stores are mostly clothing such as Old Navy, Gap, Bass, etc. but also include a few electronics outlets like Sony and Kenwood, toy stores, bookstores, and some junk stores as well. Prices varied from really good in the clothing stores to about the same as retail in the electronics stores.

This is not a mall. While all the stores are air-conditioned, you have to go back outside to go from one to the other, and it's hot. Darn hot. Blazingly hot. Did I mention that it's hot? It was so hot (how hot was it?) that the sodas in the vending machines were warm.

There are only a few restaurants -- Dairy Queen and the Aruba Juice and Java Cafe. We ate at the latter; the sandwiches and salads were quite good, although the service was slow. There were a number of stands and kiosks selling ethnic foods, but the problem there is that you'd have to stand outside in that hot sun to eat it. Sitting down inside with A/C sounded a lot better to me. I pitied the guy at the kettle corn stand laboring over these huge vats of hot popcorn, with nothing but a small fan blowing on him.

So if you go here in the summer, buy a new shirt while you're there because the one you're wearing will be drenched in sweat.

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