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Our Orange Lake Timeshare Adventure

We were here on a last minute RCI Vacation Escape so we were under no obligation to take the timeshare tour. But we were a little curious about the new construction, so when they called to invite us to breakfast if we listened to the pitch, we said what the heck.

We put these guys through the wringer. We looked at the new 3 bedrooms (quite nice!), checked the prices on their list of available units, made them drive us in a golf cart all over the grounds, and then told them no when they offered their best price. We even turned down the "special" offer and the "special, special" offer! They even brought out the "manager's manager" to give us the "unbelievable special" offer. Turned that one down too. How could we do that? Easy. There are a lot of re-sales of Orange Lake available at a lot lower prices. Plus with the huge number of facilities in the Orlando area, it's a buyer's (or renter's) market - you can always find something nice at a reasonable price. After all that, it probably killed them to give us the voucher that we used for tickets to Sea World!

We did learn a lot of interesting things about the property including how it was started by the founder of Holiday Inn.

But the salesmen really need to dress a little more casual with a lot less gold jewelry! I've seen used-car salesman that were more laidback.

So my recommendation below reflects the timeshare pitch, not the facility which is excellent. If you're curious, by all means go.

But if you have no interest in buying, skip it.

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