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Malls, Malls, Malls!

We've always felt that when visiting a new city, do what the locals do. So we go to malls! (c'mon, that's what you do when you're at home. You can admit it) There were two next to the Embassy Suites, which turned out to be mostly disappointing so we checked out a couple others as well. Here's the rundown:

Tiffany Plaza: This was more like a strip mall and was located across the street from the Embassy. Walgreens, Payless Shoes, and Subway were the BEST stores in the mall. There was an Internet Cafe with no customers and a restaurant called Le Peep that was packed for Sunday brunch. The inside part of the mall had a Wig Shop(!), an empty Chinese restaurant, and one great find: a discount movie theatre. Tickets were $1 before 6 pm, $1.50 after 6pm, and 50 cents on Tuesdays! My son wanted to see Spiderman again so for less than 10 bucks we got three tickets and popcorn. So if you missed Men In Black II or Lilo and Stitch and you're cheap, check this place out. Avoid the wig shop.

Tamarac Square: Adjacent to the Embassy Suites, this mall turned out to be a "boutique mall" with only The Gap and Starbucks as recognizable stores. The mall was pretty deserted for a Saturday afternoon. The outside of the (permanently) closed Houlihan's restaurant looked like an abandoned mine shaft. Next to the mall was a Benihana and an excellent seafood restaurant, the Fresh Fish Co.

Cherry Creek Mall: We were going to go to the 16th Street Mall, but since the weather was lousy, we decided to go inside instead and check out the fanciest mall in Denver. It seemed like every other store was a high end jewelry store like Tiffany's or Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. The highlight for me was Neiman-Marcus where my son picked up a pair of shoes like you see Sarah Jessica Parker wear on Sex and the City and loudly announced, "Hey, Dad, these shoes are 400 bucks!" The stern faced salespeople were not amused. There are several of the typical mall food places (Panda Express, Sbarro, etc.), a movie theatre, a HUGE parking garage (remember your row number), and pretty good people-watching. A nice touch was several sitting areas with comfy chairs and sofas instead of the usual hard benches.

Aurora Mall: Now THIS is a mall. We stopped here on the way to the airport to kill some time before our flight. JC Penneys, Sears, and lots of sports stores. We bought a huge funnel cake just before we left and got powdered sugar all over the rental car interior. The biggest Target store I've ever seen is going up across the street.

So, when in Rome...

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