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An Exhilarating Day Trip In Maui- Part II

Banyan Tree Park Photo, Kauai, Hawaii

Our next adventure was to stop in Lahaina and visit the famous Front Street and the Banyan Tree Park. By this time, we were really hopping and knew we had to cut this part of the trip short, but we did get out of the car and took a few pictures of the places we were anxious to see.

Since I was determined to see all of West Maui, we had to pass through Ka’anapali and Kapalua without any stops. I will say this now: I made a HUGE mistake by wanting to go all the way around West Maui. I will certainly admit this without any qualms. I am also WARNING you. Why, you ask? If you want a daring adventure, then please ignore my upcoming forewarning. However, if you’re like me—someone who doesn’t like to take unnecessary risks—then please heed my warning. If you go all the way around West Maui, you will encounter very narrow and windy roads that make up Kahekili Hwy. And here I thought Colorado mountain roads were bad. That was before I came across THIS road. By the way, we’ve "lovingly" dubbed this road The Golf Cart Road because there are going to be times where you can’t see how even one, let alone two cars can drive on this road. If you’re lucky, you won’t come across a passing vehicle from the other side. But if you do, you had better hope there is enough room for one of you to pull over and allow someone to pass. This happened to us twice. Thank goodness we did not come across another vehicle while turning on a "dead man’s curve". There were so many of these "curves", I’ve lost count. I don’t know how we did it (because I closed my eyes), but we somehow managed to pass one another—SLOWLY.

But until you’ve been on it, you don’t know better. It took us over two hours to reach a two-lane road. By this time, I was stressed to the limit. My hands were sweating like crazy, I had a massive headache, and I was sick to my stomach. And I wasn’t even driving!! I can only imagine how my husband was feeling by that time. I have to commend him, though. He drove wonderfully and expertly on this "golf cart road". He was very alert (you had to be) and cautious. My sweet baby got us back to safety!

Originally, we were going to stop at some gift shops and buy some Maui souvenirs, but we didn’t have time since we were due back at the airport in less than an hour. Begrudgingly, we had to bypass our shopping excursion.

All in all, I can honestly say our trip in Maui was exhilarating. Would I visit Maui again? Yes, but only if we stayed overnight for a few days. After all, there’s still the "Road to Hana" and Haleakala Crater to see!!

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