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Grand Summit Resort- Minor Inconveniences....

Pitiful Patio Furniture Photo, Park City, Utah

In every situation, there are always two sides to every coin. The same thing applies to resorts, timeshares and hotels. Here is a brief summary of the "Minor Inconveniences" at the Grand Summit Resort- The Canyons. If this tidbit info benefits (at least) one person, then I know I have done something positive.


  • No washer/dryers in units. I’m not sure if this applies to all units or just some. On a more positive note, they do have coin a operated laundry facility onsite.

  • For a resort this elegant, their patio furniture is really pitiful. You get two little wrought iron chairs and a dinky table. Although the balcony isn’t very big, they could have updated their furniture to something a little nicer, not necessarily bigger.

  • They’re expensive!! Example: They have a 1 litre bottled water in the units at your convenience. The bad thing is… It costs $3 per bottle!! Another example is their vending machine. It costs $1.50 for a bottle of soda. Needless to say, we did not take advantage of this "convenience".

  • If you go during off season, hardly anything is open at the resort. All of The Canyon shops weren’t open. The Flight of the Canyons, Docs at the Gondola, First Tracks Café are only open seasonally. The only onsite restaurants that are open year around are: The Cabin and The Cabin Club. We even tried to go to their onsite general store and never found it to be opened. We ended up walking over to Westgate’s General Store, which by the way, is the biggest and nicest store we’ve ever been to thus far. Their prices weren’t too hard on the pocketbook, either.

  • Phone Charges: Local calls were 50 cents first 30 minutes and then 10 cents for each additional minute thereafter. Toll-free calls were the same prices as their local calls. Domestic long distance calls were $1.50 for the first minute and 30 cents for each additional minute. Word of advise: Bring your cell phones.

  • Limited internet access. As of right now, they are only on dial up service. Several times we had problems accessing the internet while we were in our room. So, we had to to go their business center for internet access, which comes w/ DSL. On the brighter side, they are going to upgrade with high speed broadband wireless service throughout the entire facility, including each of the rooms!!

    Despite "the negatives" that has been brought to your attention, this resort is really an outstanding place to stay at. Why, you ask? Simply put.... The staff. They make up for all of the "minor inconveniences". They are truly outstanding and the best we've ever encountered on a timeshare vacation. If you want to be pampered and taken care of, then Grand Summit's staff will strive for that satisfaction. We highly commend them for their efforts.

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