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The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens is a huge traditional style concert hall as was once seen across many British seaside towns. It is well looked after and inside houses and Opera House which sounds grand but is painted in some rather dodgy purple shades and has holes in the roof above the stage. There is another smaller hall which is an interesting shade of bright yellow and is very glitzy, ideal for a panto! There is a third hall as well, but I did not go in there. Within the complex there is a bar, which is always popular with brass bands, and a coffee bar, which sold some wonderful apple pie and other interesting cakes. The prices at both were very reasonable considering that Blackpool is a fairly expensive city, particularly for the north of the country. I'm not sure whether you are able to look around the venue normally, but if you get the chance to see a show there, it is a good idea as they have many good bands and showmen there. Radiohead was on in the evening. In summary this is a British traditional seaside building that should be supported to ensure it stays open and used, rather than falling into disrepair as many others across the country have.

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