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Cruise to Lim Fjord and Rovinj

This was our last full day in Porec so we opted for a leisurely cruise down the coast. The boat (Zorelac) leaves from the main harbour area every Sunday and is the only boat to travel up the entire Lim fjord. (It's not a fjord really but is called one!)

We picked up some more people from resorts a bit further out of town and then travelled down the coast. Croatia is home to the largest nudist camp and beach area in Europe, and interestingly this boat trip takes you straight past all of it. It is a little disconcerting having naked people in boats and on jet skis come flying past but it's interesting to see ths sights!

Once past this distraction, you head down the fjord with its caves in the cliffs--it's very pretty. You cruise past the oyster beds, providing the finest oysters in Europe, and on to the town at the end of the fjord. Sadly, most of it was shut when we arrived and we later discovered this was because they were expecting a visit from the President of Croatia who in his swimming trunks happily waved to us from his boat on the way back out of the fjord.

Then it was on to Rovinj - the next main town down the coast. It's supposed to be more popular than Porec but I can't see why--it's not as pretty and is dirtier and far more touristy. However, it's a nice place to go and has a pleasant old town with an impressive church.

After an hour or so here, it's back on the boat as we head back to Porec. It's great to spend a day on the sea and this is a pleasant leisurely trip to do that. The boat staff are really helpful and have drinks for sale on board. The toilet facilities are good although dark.

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