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Moscow State University / 1980 Olympic Stadium

Moscow State University Photo, Moscow, Russia

Being a college student at the time of my most recent trip, I found visiting the campus of Moscow State University very enjoyable. Simply walking around the campus you are sure to meet people from around the world. The campus is very green and for some reason I felt the large number of apple trees growing here gave it a nice touch. The buildings on the campus were absolutely beautiful and really tall!

Behind the main building is a strip that goes directly to a wall where you can look right upon the 1980 Olympic Stadium. The path is aligned with memorials to Russians who are well known that studied at Moscow State University. I was very excited when on I read in Russian "PAVLOV" on one of these memorials. While looking over the wall at the Olympic stadium you could also get a nice view of the city as well. I think if you are a college student or involved in the academic field it is definitely worth a visit.

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