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Life After The Beach? The Pro's and Con's of Hollywood

Hole In A Cliff Photo, Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

There were a few things that struck me about seeing this bay.

One: Unlike in the movie, it isn't totally enclosed - sorry to spoil the illusion.
Two: how it's beautiful beyond words. The swim to the shore, the scramble through a sea tunnel in the rocks. Then the doorway, a rocky arch (pictured), before a short walk up the track to the beach. It seemed like such a romantic way to come across such beauty. It certainly lived up to its expectations as paradise. I'd never seen anything quite like it (except perhaps on the other side of the island). A special moment was when our party of 12 was alone in the bay to savour the sights. Alone and reflective...
Three: how the tourists here have effectively ruined this paradise. The beach was absolutely covered with rubbish that had washed up, no doubt from careless tourists. I could not believe how much junk was lying there; glasses, shoes, water bottles. Almost anything that you could think of, litering the beach. Apparently it gets cleaned twice a year. It needs it about every two weeks. It made me wonder whether I was doing the right thing in coming here. I still don't know. But it disgusted me that we could do something so destructive to this beauty.

Enough of the lecturing. Make sure you take a plastic bag to wrap your camera in. The effort to get it onto the beach will be repayed when you see your snaps. And I know it's cliche but...
Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Please.

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