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A walk around Town

Rotterdam cityscape. Photo, Rotterdam, Netherlands

I started off at Centraal Station. I spent some time wandering around the city centre, enjoying some magnificent buildings. It reminded me of Manhattan in minature. I headed towards the library next. This building is very easy to spot - it has big yellow pipes on its exterior wall. Close by is Blaak metro station, with another piece of very modern architecture. The cube houses are beside it. They are very odd at first. For a dizzing perspective, walk thorugh the complex. The cube houses are obve your head. If that is not unusual enough, the shape of them certainly provides something to look at. Return from there, head back towards the main street, and head towards the Erasmus bridge. This also is not hard to miss. Walk across the bridge, enjoying the views of the harbour and downtown Rotterdam. Walk back, and take the steps that go under the bridge heading towards the Euromast. This is a lovely old nieghbourhood, one that suprised me as I had got used to Rotterdam being very modern, with lots of green spaces. The Het park at the end provides good relaxation times, and it is very large. After the Het Park comes the musuem park, which is smaller and more crowded. From there, follow the Erasmus university building, walk past the hospital and you are back opposite the youth hostel. I was staying there, or from this point there are metros back. Alternatively, tram 8 or 20 goes by the Harbour.

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