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Historical Chatham Manor

Chatham Manor is a grand plantation home restored to its former great glory. The mansion is now open for tours on weekends.

This thriving plantation was built in the early 1770s. It is a Georgian-style house overlooking the Rappahannock River. The home went through a period of great destruction during the civil war.

Fredericksburg was a disastrous Union defeat. Burnside suffered 12,600 casualties in the battle, many of whom were brought back to Chatham for care. For several days army surgeons operated tirelessly on hundreds of soldiers inside the house. Assisting them were volunteers, including poet Walt Whitman and Clara Barton, who later founded the American chapter of the International Red Cross.

The home was fully restored in the 1920s and willed to the national park system in the 1960s. The gardens are beautifully kept, and it's a great place to enjoy an afternoon.

The website offers all of the information you need to plan your visit. The admission is still under $5 per person I believe. This is a treasure of history to explore on your journey to Fredericksburg.

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