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Treasures on Caroline Street

Caroline Street in downtown is lined with specialty shops and antique treasures. Plan to spend an entire day just walking up and down Caroline Street!

You'll see where the Ben Franklin's once housed wounded soldiers during the civil war when it was used as a hospital.

You may enjoy walking through Goolrich's Pharmacy and sitting on an old stool while enjoying an old-fashioned chocolate shake served in a metal tin cup.

If you like antique shopping, you'll be mesmerized by the choices and huge antique malls lining this street in old buildings that are three stories high and very deep. They are filled to the brim with great furniture and historic relics of days gone by.

The eggman is on Caroline Street. This artisan intricately carves great designs into eggshells. You'll see the eggman at work and be marveled by his creations lining the walls-everything from ostrich eggs to emu eggs and eggs of smaller varieties. I have a filigree design on my dresser that I just love. Check out for a sneak peek at his work!

These are just a few of the wonders you'll discover along Caroline Street. Enjoy the journey!

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