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Nights El Sheikh

After a day of diving, I really feel tired but the wish to discover the life itself makes me forget. The nights usually begin with a good dinner in the garden of your hotel but you definitely must not forget that even if you are 300-400 m. to the beach you are still on the desert and there is almost 15C temperature changes between day and night. After the dinner there are not too many opportunities to do, so you go to Naama Bay for the night. Naama Bay, 15 km. away from Sharm El Sheikh, is a good holiday town where you can find some American brands such as Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, Pizza Hut, Burger King and MacDonalds. I personally like to try the authentic stuff so I tried the Lebanese and Indian restaurants. They were fine. No surprises. Also some local eatery at the hotel. Local Egyptian eatery has some tastes like Turkish cuisine but a little more spicy and a bit fatty. The seafood was great and the preperation was almost same as other Mediterranean countries.

There are a few pubs and clubs to join the night entertainment. The one we liked was an English pub called "The Camel". That was a friendly place where you can eat peanut and throw the outer covering to your friends. We tried some local beers. Sakkara was not bad but I prefer some better Irish or German tastes.

There is a big walkway in the center of the town and on this walkway you will find a passage. You better try that because at the end of the passage you will find a desert tent, surrounded by some artificial waterfalls and under the tent in the middle on the dance floor some belly dancers. The place is lit by some red, blue and yellow dim lights and surrounding the dance floor there are sofas where you can sit on and have some drink. By the way do not forget to order a narghile. (Shisha in Arabic) If you are a smoker of course.

We actually did not bargain for the food and the drinks but there are lots of shops and hustlers trying to sell you something, do not forget to bargain for anything with them. You can take a taxi which is your only way of transport if you miss the Hotel's Shuttle. Take a good night's sleep and be ready for another day of diving.

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