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Dive into the unreal

Coral Photo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

Diving into Red Sea is wonderful. I wonder how it would be great if I were one of the comrades of Moses when he separated the sea into two and they walked through the path opened front. I think I would have lost my time looking around and stayed there. On December the air temperature was 27C and 23C in the sea. Very suitable for long dives. Summer time the air temp. rises up to 50C. The water temperature is 21C to 26C whole year. Once you get inside the water you get involved. You become a part of it. Underwater is full of colorful creatures, corals. You feel wonderful when you are swimming with a turtle, a spotted ray or a group of squids but even more than that with Barracudas. One of the most famous dive places around is Ras Mohammed, the underwater national park. There you will find The Anemone City, the huge underwater area covered with anemones (soft corals), The Sharks Reef and The Yolanda Reef named after the ship that sunk here. The ship lies 26 m. deep. The cargo of the ship makes it interesting. You can see the toilet and bath equipments all around. Nobody forgets to take funny photos. Divers must be aware of the very strong current between those two reefs and the southern side of the Yolanda Reef. Check out the huge Napoleon fish which made its home up on the Yolanda Reef. Huge Groupers and Moray eels are ready to welcome you there. I think the most important thing is to find the best guides. Our Italian guide Matteo was good at his job that he both helped the beginners for a comfortable dive and guided rest of us for good photos and colorful underwater memories. There are number of places to dive all around Red Sea but most of the people think that Sharm El Sheikh is the best place to go. I strongly agree with that.

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