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A day at Ullawatu

Ullawatu Beach, Bali Photo, Bali, Indonesia

One day we got out of bed and wanted to do something different so we decided to go to Ullawatu for the day. So we went out to the main street and flagged down a passing taxi and asked them to take us there.

The taxi couldn't take us all the way to Ullawatu Beach so we had a bit of a hike once we got out of the taxi.

When we finally reached Ullawatu Beach there was a bit of a steep climb to get down to get to the beach below, but once we were down there we had a small area of sand and rocks to ourselves and a couple of masseurs that were sitting there waiting for customers. Since it was hightide, and the hole in the rock that you had to walk through to get to the main beach was impassible, two of us decided to get massages while we waited. Not a bad way to start the day I must say, very relaxing.

Once the tide had dropped far enough for us to go around to the main beach we did and for most of the day we had the beach to ourselves, bar a few walkers passing by, but no-body stopped. We spent the day swimming, looking for shells and sunbathing.

At approximately 3.00pm we decided to head back up to the shop at the top of the climb to the beach and get something to eat and drink before we headed to the Ullawatu Temple situated at the top of the coast cliff face that overlooked the beach. The taxi had waited for us as requested and he was able to take us there.

The temple was fantastic and is home to a large number of fairly tame monkeys. We walked along the temple walls that overlook the ocean and took in the great views, made even better due to the fact that the sun was setting.

Be warned, if you go here, do not wear any item of jewlery and expensive watches that can be removed easily, don't wear sunglasses or spectacles. The reason is that the monkeys can take them and you may never see them again or they may be returned to you damaged. When we were there we saw a monkey disappear with someones spectacles and next thing we know the monkey is sitting up a tree trying them on for size. Funny for us but not for the owner. Whatever you do don't harm the monkeys as they are considered scared in this temple.

And once again, when we get back to the carpark, our faithful taxi driver is awaiting our return to take us back to our hotel.

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