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Staying at Falls Creek

Falls Creek, Victoria Photo, Victoria, Australia

Falls Creek is a small alpine village, on the Bogong High Plains, in the Alpine National Park and is a popular place for people who want to have a holiday in the snow.

Falls Creek has many ski slopes and the chair lifts are right at your doorstep, depending of course where you stay. We stayed in a Holiday Apartment which was 10 meters from the main chair lift that takes people up to the Alpine Restaurant/Cafe on the slopes. The mountain has slopes of different grades that are suitable for beginners to the top notch pro and a couple of them will allow you to ski or snowboard back to the village.

I'm not a great skier and am very wary of heights, so can't go on the chairlifts, so I walked up the slopes with my plastic bag and had a ball sliding down on it and ploughing into others. Everyone ended up laughing. It's cheap and I got fit.

The others with me all had hired skiies or snowboards and were having a ball.

I enjoyed hiking around the long distance alpine skiing tracks, one of which took you to the Rocky Valley Reservoir and another which took you around the other side of a valley that overlooked Falls Creek.

My friend, Julie, and I decided to go for a dog sledge ride and had booked it well in advance of even coming on the trip. So on the Wednesday morning we were up early to walk around to the start of the alpine skiing tracks to meet our furry companions and their driver. The journey took us around the snowy edges of the reservoir and overland on the ski tracks.

Everything was all going smoothy until the driver asked Julie if she wanted to have a turn steering and, needless to say, how could she refuse. As soon as she had taken over the dogs took off and took a corner too sharply, the sledge went over on it's side and it, with me in it, was being dragged along the hard snow sideways.

The driver evenly managed to stop the dogs and get control and Julie, laughing her head off, got back into the sledge and rest of the trip was uneventful. The outing was great and that short piece of excitment just added to it to make it even more rememberable.

Falls Creek also has many great pubs and restaurants that will provided food and drink to those who want it. The places vary in prices form the more budget places and fast food outlets to the more highly priced diners and drinking holes.

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