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The Gold Coast - Theme Parks and Beaches

Coollangatta - Gold Coast Photo, Coolangatta, Australia

We have been to the Gold Coast in Queensland on several occasions and have enjoyed ourselves everytime. We have been to the theme parks, visited large shopping malls, benn to beautiful white sandy beaches and hard great weather.

The things to do and see on the Gold Coast seem endless and it's impossible to see them all in one week. There's:

a/ The Wet and Wild Theme Park which has waterslides and rides for people of all ages, they have a huge swimming area which has a wave maker and they have a great smaller kids play area. This park is great on a hot, sticky day, but get there early as it can be crowded and the cue to get in can look pretty daunting. You pay one entry price and you can go on however many rides you want.

b/ Dream World Theme park has plenty of thrills and spills for everyone, with roller coasters, water rides, small rides for kids and many other rides. Dream World also is home to a family of Samatrin Tigers. Once again you pay one entry price and get to go on however many rides you would like.

c/ Movie World is much like Disneyland, but a bit smaller in scale. You can go on roller coaster rides, simulated rides and go to staged shows. When we last went a couple of the shows were Conan, The Barbarian and Police Academy and one of the rides was Batman. Once again you pay one entry price and get to go on however many rides you would like.

d/ Seaworld is, as you can probably guess from the name, a place where you can go to watch dolphin shows, learn all you want to know about sharks, see a waterskiing and wakeboarding live show, go on rides and visit the polar bears in their enclosure. The polar bears are the latest addition to the Seaworld complex and their enclosure is great, you can go downstairs and veiw them while they are swimming. Once again you pay one entry price and get to go on however many rides you would like.

e/ Currumbin Bird Saunctury has been on the Gold Coast for years, but it is great to go a feed the birds by hand and have them sit all over your head, shoulders and arms while you are trying to do so.

f/ Paradise can't be sunny all the time, but that's alright as there are a number of large shopping malls to keep the avid shopper going for hours.

g/ The beaches are fantastic, from Coolangatta at the far south of the Gold Coast to the hustle and bustle of the Surfers Paradise beach front. The only disappointing thing is that the high buildings have been built too close to the beach and unfortunately the beaches get shaded at certain times of the day.

h/ A cruise or water taxi ride through the canels on the inland side of the Gold Coast highway in Surfers Paradise. You get to veiw some of the luxury homes of the more well off people in this part of the world. Night time booze cruises are also available.

i/ Surfers Paradise has a fantastic night life and has many restaurants, bars and clubs where you can go a waste the night away quite easily.

j/ Markets are everywhere, I have been to the Burlley Head market on the weekends and also some located more inland. Great for a bargain.

The Gold Coast has many Hotels, Motels, Holiday Apartments, Holiday Parks and Hostels for the people to stay at, so whatever your budget there will be something for you.

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