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Movies at the Clearview Claridge

Prosciutto Salad Photo, Vancouver, British Columbia

This cinema, located in the heart of Montclair, is a little gem. You'll find many independent and foreign films playing here that you can usually only see in New York City. It has managed to remain a forum for these types of movies, unlike most of the old independents that now show only blockbuster Hollywood films.

I have seen many movies here, and while the screens are fairly small and the theaters sometimes feel cramped, I would still recommend the Claridge to anyone who enjoys seeing truly good films. The equipment and the theater conditions are fair to good--I have not found any ripped screens or broken seats. There was only one occasion when I found the theater to be not up to par. When I entered the theater on that day, I found big, black, plastic garbage bags over the first three rows of seats. There had been heavy rains for a couple of days before this show, and apparently there had been a leak and flooding in the theater. Unfortunately for the people in those rows, the theater was packed, and they were forced to sit on the wet seats.

If you arrive early, there is a wonderful little café and restaurant next door. Suzette serves crepes with delicious fillings. My favorite is a Brie and apple crepe, complemented by a fruit smoothy. You can also just get a cup of coffee while you wait for your movie to start--but I highly recommend checking out Suzette.

If you like candy during your movie, I recommend saving your money and stopping by the CVS half a block away. Stock up on your candy of choice and enjoy the money you’ve saved after the cost of your $9 ticket. If you are a fan of matinees, you can get a discount on the price of your ticket ($6.50 instead of $9).

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