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The Crashed Flying Saucer, Tampere Photo, Finland, Europe

Tampere was destination two on my farewell tour of Finland. I didn't spend as long in Tampere as I had wished because of the Finnish weather's tendency to change into that of a rainforest and absolutely chuck down the rain. As a city seems bigger than Turku but it wasn't. It has a number of German influences, the buildings had the tall, thin turrets that I've seen on pictures of Bavarian villages. Tampere does have character, prior to going there I wasn't sure whether it did or not, but there is definitely something there. The character is aided by the mix of classical and modern, for example the crashed flying saucer on the roof of the art museum had an element of the bizarre as Tampere appeared through the pouring rain. I think it was the art museum because with Tampere my sense of direction was confused.

The city church is the same as the one in Jyvaskyla. As with Hameenlinna, Turku and Jyvaskyla the lay out was pretty much the same, maybe it makes the Finnish people secure. Opposite the church and across the square was the town hall with the town emblem flying high on the flagpoles in front of it. The atmosphere was nice but there were too many cars and people, or maybe it was just the rain. In my attempt to find the bus station to make a hasty exit from this soaking town I stumbled across the Lenin museum. Lenin briefly stayed in Tampere during his exile and so the council of Tampere decided to dedicate a museum to him.

There aren't really any major sights to see unless you're a disciple of Lenin. But the flying saucer is a sight in itself.

The bus station is not the easiest to find, it is located on the outskirts of the city centre, near to the Tampere stadium. It took ages to find but was a welcoming sight as the rain came down, and the sight of the bus headed for Lahti was an even more welcoming sight.

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