Ostend Stories and Tips

Sampling the Local Cuisine

In Oostend you can acquire all of the culinary delights that Belgium has to offer and the prices are less expensive than in one of the larger cities. Since Oostend is a port town that becomes a summer resort area expect prices to rise in High Season. You really can't get more off-season than February on the Coast of Belgium. A great time to try the waffles. A wide selection of crepes are usually available as wel, but go for the Waffles. Much better than the States. Also, try the traditional meal of steamed Mussels, pommes frites and a glass of beer. Most resteraunts have this meal at a set price on a Tourist Menu. Shop around for the best price, since quality seldom varies. Unless you have a gigantic appetite, one pot of mussels will serve two. Also, don't forget to check out the chocolate. Seashell Pralines make a good souvenir. Cote d´Or is a good name in Belgian chocolate, but I prefer Galler.

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