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Elegant buildings Photo, Bangor, Maine

Take a walk through Bangor's historic downtown. You'll see quaint shops (coins, collectables, and antiques), ethnic restaurants, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra (where you can also purchase musical instruments and parts), and museums. People are friendly and helpful. Buildings are still being renovated by the city, but the elegance is present nevertheless. For more information about the local history, visit the Bangor Historical Society (at the Bangor Museum and Center for History on 6 State St.) They've been around for 140 years and have a vast collection of documents and articles from the Penobscot Valley. Another place to get information would be the Bangor Public library, 145 Harlow St., at 207/947-8336. They are known as the Area Research and Reference Center for Northern and Eastern Maine, as they hold over 500 000 volumes of books, periodicals, government recordings, and documents

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