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Some additional notes

Park by Lighthouse Photo, Antalya, Turkey

Some final notes.

The Turkish people are very friendly and trustworthy. Because of the high rate of inflation ($1 equals 1,400,000 Turkish Lira) there are a lot of zeros on their bills. I was buying a couple of ice cream bars and tried to give the vendor exact change. It was 800,000 TL. I gave him 300,000 in coins and what I thought was a 500,000 bill. I actually gave him 5,000,000 TL bill. He caught my error and gave the money back to me.

Shopping. There are some great buys in Turkey. They are famous for rugs, leather, and gold. Jaclyn bought a beautiful sweade coat with a fur lining. The salesman’s name was "Jimmy" and the shop was ANTILOP at Cumhuriyet Caddesi No. 25. We didn’t go into every leather shop, but among those that we did, they had the best selection. I gave you "Jimmy’s" name not because he will get you a better deal (you need to do that yourself), but because he was personable and worked very hard to make us happy.

We didn’t buy a carpet (we had a weight limit on our luggage and knew a carpet would send us way over that limit).

While exploring Kalelci, we happened by a shop run by the artist who made the products. He carved figures in stone with Hittite figures found in ruins around his village in Capadoccia. The work was excellent and the price (w/o negotiation was reasonable). He quoted us $32 for a stone carving about 12" x 6" tall (it would have made a great souvenier). The store was Hattussas Hediyelik and his name was Arif Cejin. The address in Kalelci was Selcok Mahallesi Uzun Carsi Sokak. No. 27.

Antalya Airport. Going back home we arrived at the Antalya airport two hours before our flight. That was adequate time. Once in the concourse, we discovered it was very crowded and hot. Although you are in Turkey, you are in an airport and the prices of everything skyrockets. Jackie needed some bottled water. In Antalya, bottled water costs about 300,000 TL. At the airport, it cost 2,750,000 TL a nine-fold increase. The terminal itself didn’t have any air conditioning (at least it wasn’t on), but the shops did. We camped out in the Burger King and drank our water.

Booze. Booze tends to be expensive in Turkey (except Efes beer). If you drink a lot it will really up your bills (i.e. A small Mai Tai served in a martini glass cost $9).

Antalya Trolley. There is a trolley that runs from just across the street from the Museum and a short walk from the Sheraton to the old city. It cost 400,000 TL (less than $.30) It only runs twice an hour. It leaves from the Museum station on the hour and on the half hour. Going back it leaves the watch tower (on the edge of the Kalelci) at 12 after and 42 after. The trip takes about 12 minutes.

Parks. Antalya is loaded with parks and they are expanding and improving them. On Sunday we walked a park by the bay between the Museum and the Kalelci. It was filled with Turkish families cooking out, children playing, and people walking. There were many paths leading to out look points over the water.

Final evaluation. This was one of the best trips we’ve ever taken. We had a great place to stay, great food, perfect weather, and sights that were steeped in history, gorgeous or both.

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