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Day 4 through 6

Alp Pasa Restaurant Photo, Antalya, Turkey

May 3 and 4, 2002 We spent much of the time these two days around the pool and by the beach. The Sheraton has beautiful grounds and the pool area is spacious and comfortable. At the back of the pool area is a gate leading out to a city park. The park had a wide walking path and the people of Turkey seem to love to walk in the morning. We decided that running suits were the national costume because that is all you saw in the morning. The park is build along the cliff area overlooking a pebble beach and Antalya Bay. There are steps leading down from the path to this beach. Then along the beach you find many restaurants and another paved pathway with a lot of construction going on. There appears to be 50 or more shoos that will go into this area. Between the shops and beach is a large parking lot.

During these two days we went back to Cabanas and Alp Pasa. Both reconfirmed our first impressions. They are exceptionally friendly at Cabanas. The people running it greeted us like old friends. The food was again wonderful and the scenery (this time we were there in the evening watching the sunset) was fantastic. At Alp Pasa, they were out of tables unless we wanted to join a German couple. We did and had a fine time talking with them. The food was superb and again I will reiterate, this restaurant has charm.

We also went one evening to the restaurant at Marina Hotel (Mermeli Sok 15) in the old city (Kalelci). The Marina was the most elegant and most expensive restaurant we ate at. The food was out of this world. I got the duck with rice rather than a vegetable melody. It came with a wonderful sweet cherry sauce. Jackie had a chicken curry. We had two glasses of wince, salads and the bill was 32,000,000 Turkish Liras (about $23 before the tip). You obviously could inflate the bill (liquor tends to be pricey), but even the most expensive restaurants are very reasonable by U.S. standards. The restaurant at the Marina Hotel also had live music with a person playing the piano accompanied by a cello player (after 7 PM).

The old city is a fun place to explore. There are a lot of neat little restaurants that we didn’t get to try and many of them appeared to be charming with great views. Our last day we ate at a restaurant (Hisar, Cumhuriyet Meydani alt, PK216) that was full of nooks and crannies. It looked like a cave or dungeon in the building itself. It also had two small balconies overlooking the bay. We ate on one of the balconies. Two wines, two chicken shisks, one salad and the total cost with tip was $10.00. The food was tasty too.

May 5, 2002 On our final day in Antalya, we went to the Antalya Archeological Museum. The cost was 10,000,000 Turkish Lira per person ($7). This was twice the amount quoted in the books I read. I believe all the tourist sites and attractions were doubled in price at the beginning of April due to the high inflation in Turkey.

The museum was another "must see." The ancient burial urns, the statuary from Perge (including that statue of Placia Magna) and the remains of the remains of St. Nicolas are all there.

There is a very nice snack bar area where you can sit and relax after or before touring the museum. I feel we saw more in the museum after the tour to Perge, etc. than we would have if we had done it the other way around.

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